Saturday, July 31, 2010


WOW!!!that's the word can describe all the things happen today...hahaha
firstly tengs to our management (Amanda) for all preperation tht has been done by her..we all hve a good time with u even u dizzy with our behaviour..hehehe
firstly, we all promise to assemble at pavillion main entrace at 11 o clock...but SOME of us not punctual...so we running our reunion a little bit late..hahah (not a little bit)

this fellow cause our reunion late and butt cram...hahaha but he make the situation more fun+happy he's name is ATONG..hahaha even though he alittle bit late (more than 5 hr wait for him)we still stood at the KFC restaurant..hahaha...we make our 'muka tebal' sit over there waited for him...

then, we waited for aleysha at the main entrance...then mak cik guard told us to scram..hahaha we knew she will frustrated with us..so we scramble..then we united againt..then pak cik guard came directly to our group..then b4 he reach us we split..hahahah so funny...that will be good memories for us...'

after that we went to evening break at CITA RASA UTARA...i dont know abt tht restaurant so we all compromise to ate there...we sit on their chair then open da menu.....everybody eyes open like their eye ball wanted to come out hahahah...then lastly everybody dont even order the food just order the drink..hahaha

i hope next reunion wont happen that againt...and next target is_______(wait for raya eve)haha
this enjoyable time cant buy with money but can be memorise in our mind and can be share with frenzs :) hope more EX BUMIMAS participate in the next event :)

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