Wednesday, October 20, 2010


walaowei......hmmm i should tell 'em da truth....but..it seem not connected with my felling toward them...I'll not compromise with u guys after tis.....tis is my last explaination ok!!!

who said that im going to move!!!! u guys spreading the rumors very fast...it must JPP fault!!!hmm hahaha i really enjoy to see you guys in chaos and no orientation after i announced that i'll leaving KMJ in FB...hahaha to see u guys like that, make it the sweetest memories in KMJ plus, my soul always felt guilty after that....but that not important...the important is i have make my revenge to u guys..huhuhu

my statement in FB''
I just write ''saya nak keluar dari KMJ'' not moving from KMJ...next time read my statement/status carefully ok...and no make story based on my statement...you all have manipulated my status/statement!!!hahaha that's really funny..

in this case im not guilty ok....you guys had make tiny error in reading my status...and that's ''KELAKAR''!!

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