Wednesday, October 20, 2010


oopppsss i did it again....did what???...hmmm ,i dont know what i'm talking about....i just express my feeling in this blog and i want to share with you guys out there...
first of all, i love this girl but i dont know how to let her know my feelling to her...plus she really beautiful and maybe she already got BF..what should i do guys!!!should i express my feeling to her or just forget it and find another match (JPP) whoa!!!!!hahaha

second, JPP??who is she/her??
JPP is short form for ''Jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar'' he is my classmate and we start date on 31 august 2010 (just play) and we have many children since that day...(our kids is all student in our class that's TP4)
though sometime he really annoy me, he give me aspiration on how to be patient and show me prove of an idiom ''patient is a virtue''...so what people said bad things about him InsyaAllah i'll back up him...IF he make problem with people....no way I help him..huhuuh some say I was his scandal....lalalalla i dun know...if you want to know very much....just investigate la...

my roomate has GONE
the first word come to my mouth every morning when i get up is ''wtf'' my friend has gone...not really gone gone or vanish..he just exchange college to foundation course in IIU....I really miss him so much cause we always play together, kick each other butt together, and always shout in the middle of the night together....pity for me and my other roommate to lose him at the end of this semester 1...i'll pray for him for better future and excellent in his study...

oh my gosh...level 4 of Al Zahrawi block got......
hmmm...some people say it was ''pocong'' and some say it was ''pontianak'' but the real is...it was LOLOQ...hahahaha every night I scream like crazy man to vanish my tension and just to have fun....fun can be harm and can be sweet.....hmmm are you sure.....according to 2010 encyclopedia the word fun is mean '' we laugh and we not thinking about stress time-not harm) that quote still remain mysterious.....hahaha...back to the scream part....student in KMJ always shouting....i can prove it to you.....you go to the centre of the apartment of Al Zahrawi and wait until 12.00 a.m. above...you can hear somebody scream...and i mean ''somebody'' is ME!!!!hahaha

my finger barely cut off...i better go now and i'll make sure to post in my other story...ooppss i mean my expression..bye2 TC


  1. omg..wtf...i'll wake up and there is my mom...
    screaming at me.."BANGUN!!"...
    no more shouting at midnight..haha

  2. kick each oter butt mcm best jer..
    pastu jerit..hahaha

  3. HAHAHA...ko la tu asyik hempap aku jer....mcm mner aku ta menjerit..wakakaka