Monday, November 15, 2010

''My new book''

Semester 2

  • semester 2 make me feel happy and a little bit scared....that's because we'll claim our US result....hmm i'm not targeting all A's....just enough for me to pass this sem...
  • i've change my self several things and may not be noticed by my friends...not much diffrences about me, just reducing my bad habit ( secret)
  • KMJ is really meaningfull to me :D love to stay here beside my friends and IGUANA :)
  • first day on semester 2...not much..because our lecture is not start yet...maybe another 2 or 3 days will fully start
  • our physic practical teacher has been change by our college T.T no more miss Laila to cheer us up...hmmmm i hope miss laila can take our class againt (hopefull)
  • And our math teacher is same...nothing changes on that subject accept miss Rozana today (15 nov 10) feel really enjoy with our class...i don't know what happen to her..but i hope that mood will withstand longer :) junaydi feel relieve today hahahaha
  • This semester seem to be really smooth as our schedule is not pack as usual and more time to have sex....ooppss i mean study :D
  • my room still as usual but no ATOK at this moment...because he celebrating hari raya haji...lalalala hahaha feel really peacefull huhuhu
  • ok this is all bye!!and HAPPY AID UL ADHA

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