Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Malaysia Pahlawan Proton Series ( Malaysia Proton Ancient Worrior Series)

Proton Tuah
The Proton Tuan is a new sedan concept car that is said to be the replacement of Persona model. Similar to the Corolla Altis rather than Vios, this Proton Tuah concept, or Espire, is built on P321A platform.The model comes with daytime running lights, LED foglamps, while the side profiles are more sharp with lines around the wheels. No information yet avail about the powertrain, but sources been informed that it will be equipped with new Campro series engine..
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Proton Lekir
Proton Lekir is definitely a lotus Europa re-badged version. This project came out when Datuk Syed Zainal Syed Mohamed Tahir, the managing director (MD) of Proton started the press release discussion about the possibility to use defunctLotus Europa platform as Proton Model. Proton Lekir is powered by turbocharged Campro CFE and is said to be priced below RM150,000.
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Proton Lekiu
Proton Lekiu is crossover concept vehicle new by Proton. Maybe it’s Proton’s plan to come out with SUV model where there never had one until this time. Also known codename as Xactive, this mini SUVs concept car is said to designed for it’s Chinese client, Youngman. Using platform as same as Exora, we’ve been informed that the benchmark vehicle for this project is Nissan Qashqai. No further information regarding powertrain yet avail for the moment of this model, but suspected to be a Four wheel drive SUV.
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Proton Kasturi
Proton Kasturi, however, a new face lift of Saga, which launched in Thailand few days ago. Getting up with the new front set, front lamp, LED tail lights, this Proton Kasturi (Saga) will be launched in Malaysia next year. Currently, Proton has more than 2,000 Saga unit to be sale before introducing this face lift to Malaysia, however, the factory already churning this face lift for export market.
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Proton Jebat
Jebat seems a bad boy name. That’s why, Jebat is more agressive by the inspiration of Proton Inspira/Lancer based model kitted with complete wide bodykit, wheels and black white color scheme.
Further reading for photos of Proton Jebat:
It’s good that Proton uses our ancient warrior name for the model. This symbolize the patriotic spirit being promoted to our modern citizen and even to promote throughout the world.
OMG i've already fall in love with this Malaysia product (PROTON)!!! it quality same as other branded car!!

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