Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wish that never come an end

feeling frustrated is never lack in my soul
sometime wishing life our hope back to hoping something that we wanted..
but wishing is some word that play in mind right now..
i not believing in wishing that come true
but i believing that wishing + efford would produce what we wishing for
sometimes i just seat and smile with mom who convince my little sister that ''wishing can come true'' but my mom left some word that is EFFORT!!
now i believing that through wishing only we can not pulled what we wanted
but we must add special ingredient to make it come true that is EFFORT anf HARDWORKING

yeah sometimes my word is not realise anybody around me because they still believing in wishing star....not say they are idiot but that's would be fine if we have convinient to acheive what we want from below..

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