Wednesday, June 24, 2009

About Love....from aspect of islam

One does not discuss love, one lives and feels it. To discuss love is to speak where there are no more words left. A human can only talk about love. O my dear reader! Read this piece of writing as the one “about love”.
Love is like light, lovelessness is like darkness. Darkness can’t have a source. Darkness is the state when there is no light. But there must always be a source for light. There can be no love without a source as there can be no light without a source.
Allâh (Swt) Is the Source of love. The river of love falls down from Allâh (Swt). For He (Swt) Is Al-Wadûd. The Name Al-Wadûd is in double voice. This voice is characterized by bearing in itself both active and passive forms. So, the Name Al-Wadûd means both “the Most Loving One” and “the Most Loved One”. To put it in other words, this name denotes both “the Ever Loving One” and “the One Wishing to be loved”. That’s the difference distinguishing this Name from others.
Allâh (Swt) Is Ar-Razzâq, “He Provides sustenance”. Allâh Is Al-Khalaq, “He Creates”. Allâh Is Al-Ghaffâr, “He Forgives”. Allâh Is Ar-Rahmân and “ He Has mercy”. These and the like Names are single-sided. But when it comes to the Name Al-Wadûd everything changes. A double-sided relationship begins: both loving and wishing to be loved. Here lies the difference of love.
“A-L-H” is an isolated form of the name Allâh. Only 7 compositions can be obtained by changing the position of these letters. All of these indicate only one meaning: love. His Most Beautiful Names, Al-Asmâ’u'l-Husnâ, are the reflections of His (Swt) Love in the prism of names. The Names Ar-Rahmân and Ar-Rahîm, which are repeatedly recited by Muslims as part of Basmala, show that He (Swt) Is full of love and He Does whatever He Does with love.
Love attributed to Allâh (Swt) is expressed in words “Hubb” and “Wudd”. As for the word “Ashq”, which could also be rendered love in English, it is never used for the Divine Love in the literature dealing with the Noble Qur’ân and Sunnah. Because “Ashq”, which etymologically denotes “ivy” and “gripping and hanging on to the loved one like an ivy”, expresses the human love.
As for Hubb, it means “seed, pip, kernel”. The word Hububat (i.e. cereals) arises from here. It is obvious why love is called “Muhabbah”: Love is the seed of the tree of creation. And the human, who is the noblest fruit of the tree of creation, is the fruit of the seed of love, which bears its own seed in itself.
A fruit proves its faithfulness to its root by love. Human’s love to Allâh (Swt) is like this, too. That’s why it is stipulated by the Divine Revelation that the biggest share in love should be allotted to Allâh: “Those who believe love Allâh (Swt) more than anything”. And the Holy Prophet (Saws) is commanded to say the following: “Say: If you love Allâh (Swt), follow me so that Allâh (Swt) Loves you, too”.
Wudd expresses a special kind of love. This kind of love can only be bestowed. Since it bears an extract from its Giver (Swt), this love is eternal. Read the following Qur’ânic verse: “Ar-Rahmân will bestow (eternal) love (wudd) onto those who believe and do righteous good deeds.” It must be for this very reason that in the first years the Divine Revelation gave its addressees glad tidings of Paradise and threatened them with Hell while in later period, when they matured, the Divine Revelation gave glad tidings and warned by saying “Allâh (Swt) Loves – Allâh (Swt) Does Not Love”. This is indicative of how high a degree is reached by love in the relation between Allâh (Swt) and slave.
There is also fake love as there is a fake of everything. The true love puts in order, spurious love spoils. If at source it is not from Allâh (Swt), it is false love, and the one marketing it is a forger. The love which does not take its origin from the holy is not love but passion. Since love makes itself abundant it makes the human free, but passion arrests and enslaves. Those who call passion love, do the love itself an injustice by supposing the loneliness of two persons to be love.
The modern age has three false gods: power, money and sex. These make up the trinity of the lifestyle based on the belief that there is only the life of this world. Nowadays, the false god of sex is marketed under the name of “love” as part of the operation of global degradation. The holy thing entrusted to us, which we call life, has never been such a plaything in the hands of adulterers and adulteresses as it is now. Libido has never captured the consciousness to such an extent as it has today. The brokers of lust have never had so many clients all together.
The blowing up of sex under the name of “love” is a natural continuation of the global degradation operation. The aim of this operation is to make life senseless and purposeless, that is to say without Allâh (Swt). This is the real terror on which one should declare war. Because it is the terror of morals. This terror poses a threat to the whole human race. Enterprises engaged in marketing adultery under the name of “St. Valentine’s Day” are part of the terror of morls.
A person who cannot say “No” to adultery cannot say “Yes” to love. For adultrery poisons love. Poisoned love causes the human being, who is the most honourable of the creation, to resemble an insect that, after mating, stings and poisons its female. It makes the human being the most disgraceful of the creation, “like animals, even lower than them”, as worded by the Noble Qur’ân. Chastity starts to decay where there is no more privacy left, respect starts to decay where there is no more chastity left, disposition starts to decay where there is no more respect left. And nature starts to decay where there is no more disposition left.
If the nature has decayed, no one can hold that human. No one can set a limit for lust. No one can draw a mark for somebody saying “Amusement is mine, I can do whatever I want”. In the end, it comes to a seventeen-month-old baby. Laments for a seventeen-month-old baby having been a victim of rape expressed by a person who doesn’t say no committing adultery with a seventeen-year-old are similar to “crocodile tears”.
Let everyone bear the following in mind: There is either a limit or there are no limits at all.
Mustafa Islamoglu

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Choral speaking zon sentul 2009

pada tahun ini smk batu muda telah menjadi tuan rumah bagi pertandingan choral speaking peringkat zon sentul.Sebanyak 7 buah sekolah telah menyertai pertandingan ini.Ini adalah keputusan lengkap bagi pertandingan choral speaking peringkat zon sentul 2009:

johan: smk st mary
naib johan: smk convent sentul
ketiga: smk batu muda

konduktor terbaik: smk convent sentul

smk batu muda telah menghantar wakil bagi julung kalinya dan seterusnya telah mendapat tempat di pertandingan tersebut.syabas diucapkan kepada mereka yang telah berusaha sedaya upaya mereka..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nasyid SMK BATU MUDA (naib johan) zon sentul

pada 20 jun 2009 smk Batu Muda telah menghantar wakil bagi festival nasyid sempena maal hijrah..team nasyid smk Batu Muda telah bertungkus lumus berusaha sedaya upaya...akhirnya usaha mereka membuahkan hasil apabila pasukan nasyid SMK BATU MUDA telah berjaya merangkul naib johan setelah 9 tahun tidak mendapat sebarang kejuaraan..pasukan nasyid ini juga berjaya mencipta sejarah bagi smk batu muda...pasukan nasyid ini dipimpin oleh saudara yusof..sebanyak 16 buah sekolah mengambil bahagian...ini adalah keputusan bagi festival nasyid zon sentul tahun 2009:


johan dan naib johan akan berentap sekali lagi di peringkat negeri.InsyaAllah pasukan nasyid smk Batu Muda akan membawa satu lagi kemenangan di peringkat tersebut...(Amin)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

jatuh tergolek..

17 june detik paling best...hahahaha..aku ngn kengkawan g giant batu caves...adela sorang mamat (bukan nama sebenar) ni die asyk berckp jer...pastu mse makan die main2 lak ngn kteorang..pastu semasa bahagia bermain die mengeliat la...tanpa disangka di jatuh mcm nangka bucuk..hahaha...ade pasangan pawe n makwe tergelak...hahahaha...aku pon turut tergelak..gelagat die pon klakar sejibik mcm cara die jatuh....klo nk tau sper.......Lu pikir la sendiri..hahahaha

Clue:budak BBOY

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zorro, Robin Hood Dan Orang Asli

Pada satu ketika, ada satu pertandingan untuk orang ramai menunjukkan kehebatan masing masing menggunakan senjata. Ada 2 peserta yang dapat masuk akhir, Zorro ngan Robin Hood. Mereka berdua pun masuk dalam hutan untuk berjalan jalan sambil mencari idea untuk pertandingan mereka. Sedang berjalan jalan, mereka terjumpa seorang perempuan dari kaum orang asli yang sungguh cantik.Mereka berdua sepakat untuk bertarung dan siapa yang menang akan dapat perempuan tersebut. Mereka pun memanggil perempuan tersebut dan meletakkan sebiji epal d iatas kepala perempuan itu. Memula Zorro nak mulakan pertandingan. Dia pun bergerak sejauh 50 meter dari perempuan itu dan membaling PEDANG nya kearah epal diatas kepala perempuan tu. Zuuupppp, terbelah dua epal tu. Perhgggg, dengan bangganye, si Zorro jerit.... "I AM ZORRO... .."Kemudian giliran Robin Hood plak. Dia mengambil jarak 100 meter. Kemudian menggunakan ANAK PANAH nye. Zuuupppp, terbelah dua epal yg baru diletak atas kepala perempuan asli tu. Dengan banggenye jugak... . si Robin Hood kata... "I AM ROBIN HOOD..."Sedang mereka bertarung, lalu lah seorang penduduk lelaki orang asli disitu.Dia merasa tercabar kerana dengan senang lenang nye pompuan kaum dia nak kena kawin ngan orang luar. So, atas rasa tanggungjawab, dia pun masuk pertandingan tu jugak. Dengan menggunakan sumpit dan jarak 150 meter, kini giliran orang asli tu plak. ZZZZUUUUUPPPPP. .. ... ... ... .!!!! PPRRAAPP.Kena kepala pompuan tu dan mati. Dengan selamba orang asli tu kata..."I AM SORRY....!!"

percutian ke cameron highland 2009

pada hari jumaat kami warga smk batu muda telah pergi bercuti di cameron highland.percutian ini telah dipimpin oleh 4 orang guru sekolah iaitu Miss Nora,En Mirul,En Fadzlah, dan Cik Madiha..kami menginap disana selama 1 malam sahaja..kterog telah enjoy berada disana....walaupon duit kami x cukup..hehehehe....rugi la saper yg tak pergi tu...jangan jeles k....